Door lock issues come up almost every time. It’s something every property owner has to deal with. If you own either a home or commercial property, you must have experienced various forms of door lock issues. The way you use each door lock determines the extent of damages your door will experience. And the more damaged your lock becomes, the higher the level of security threats you’re exposed to.

Door lock issues can expose your home or office to attacks. It can make your home or office easily accessed by thieves and intruders. If you want to prevent intrusion at home or workplace, you need to start paying attention to certain lock issues. These issues include:

  1. Loose Door Locks, Knobs, and Handles

Door locks are usually characterized by several moving parts. They have different components that hold their bodies together. Each of the moving parts always allows the lock to work smoothly. They form an integral part of the lock.

Over time, those lock parts loosen up. More importantly, those locks that are used on exterior doors usually lose up quickly. If your door locks are loose, you should know that burglars can exploit the door lock problems. Anybody can dislodge your lock and gain access to your home easily. Also when your locks are loose you easily can find yourself locked out. Always pay attention to this issue.

  1. Misaligned Door Locks

Misaligned locks are also another issue you shouldn’t overlook. When a lock is misaligned, key parts of the locking mechanism won’t line up in a way that facilitates the door’s core functions. In other words, the latch or locking bolt of your door won’t line up with your door locks strike plate. Such a situation will make it difficult for you to operate the door normally. In that regard, your door may not close and lock the way it should. That would leave your home or office exposed to an intruder.

  1. Broken Key in Lock

Having a broken key in your door lock is a complicated issue. This is because the broken key will affect all other facets of the lock. Meanwhile, the process of extraction can be difficult and time-consuming. When this issue occurs, most individuals are tempted to try and resolve the issue on their own. Unfortunately, the situation would cause further damage to the lock.

  1. Jammed Locks and Jammed Latches

This is another lock issue some individuals often overlook. If your door lock is jammed, do not neglect it. Do not postpone its solution to another day. Consider the issue as a pressing matter. When you do so, you won’t be able to expose your lock to security issues. Also, you will avoid any form of damages to your door frame. Minor maintenance to your locks can prevent these problems.

  1. Turning Lock Cylinder

If your key is placed into your door lock cylinder and you turn it, you should be able to unlock and lock your door. However, if you place your key into the lock and you have to turn the entire cylinder before the door unlocks, there is a problem with your door lock. You shouldn’t overlook such a situation and get take care of it right away because in that case, the door is not locking.

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