Benefits of keyless door locks

Keyless Locks

Keyless Locks

Technology advancements have made it possible to integrate electronic keyless entry pads to secure and open doors. Here are some benefits of keyless door locks.

Keyless door locks come with added security features such as anti-tamper lockout to restrict access after a certain number of failed attempts, quick lockout options in case there is a security concern, multiple access modes, including PIN followed by card access, adjustable code length, and the ability to delete user codes with a master code.

Keyless door locks make it more convenient with time-saving technology. Convenience is perhaps the most popular reason why people choose to use keyless entry systems. For starters, you never have to worry about ever losing your keys again. All you need for entry is to remember the proper code. Not only do you never have to worry about losing your keys, but you don’t even have to worry about fumbling with keys when you have an armful of other items or it’s dark, and you can’t find the right key.Key Less Lock

Batteries operate a lot of keyless entry systems, this cuts the cost and hassle of wiring, and you never have to worry about a power failure. Some electronic locks go even farther by using energy from the user. Every time you turn the lever, the needed power to open the lock is generated as well as built-in supercapacitors that are capable of keeping the locks fully charged for several weeks. If you don’t like the idea of using batteries, choose a mechanical push button lock that allows you to gain access by entering a universal combination code.

Businesses that have a high employee turnover rate find that they have better access control for more security-sensitive applications of business. Password protect the lock controls, program a unique access code for specific users, or restrict access times for others. Some are even sophisticated enough to enable real-time wireless communication between the door lock and an online system.

Save time and money in re-keying when you need to change locks due to an employee getting fired or quitting. Forget trying to keep track of the physical keys of multiple employees or service personnel. A keyless entry lock allows you to add or revoke access instantaneously with the use of a code. Some keyless locking systems even offer multilingual voice controls or touchscreen technology.

Keyless entry pads have advanced with changing times and technology. Many options now come in attractive styles and even offer weather-resistance. Some keypads are very similar to a smartphone to the touch.

To make sure you’re getting the highest level of functionality and security for your needs, always talk to a specialist first. One of the best features of implementing a keyless entry system is the advanced level of security it offers. Keyless door locks are usually compatible with a wide array of locking devices like cylindrical latches, mortises, deadbolts, dead latches, and exit devices.


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