Lock Changing And Lock Rekeying

Lost Key

Lock changing And Lock rekeying

A vital component of home safety and security is the door locks. Potentially, the risk to family and property safety may loom where interference in the integrity of the bolts ensues. In the events of such interferences, asset owners change their locks outrightly without a second thought to other options. In most situations, they end up spending more than necessary. Lock rekeying seems a better alternative to lock changes. Though it may be cheaper in some cases, in others, it may be costly to do so. The following questions, therefore, beg for answers. What are the differences between lock changing and rekeying? When should one decide on either of the options? This is the trust of this article put up for you by Chandler Locksmith 24. Read more “Lock Changing And Lock Rekeying”

Benefits of keyless door locks

Keyless Lock

Keyless Locks

Technology advancements has made it possible to integrate electronic keyless entry pads to secure and open doors. Here are some benefits of keyless door locks.

Keyless door locks come with added security features such as anti-tamper lockout to restrict access after a certain number of failed attempts, quick lockout options in case there is a security concern, multiple access modes, including PIN followed by card access, adjustable code length, and the ability to delete user codes with a master code. Read more “Benefits of keyless door locks”

How To Choose The Best Locksmith

The BEST Locksmith

How to choose the best locksmith in Chandler AZ

When it comes to keeping your home, office, or vehicle secure, you cannot be too careful. It’s important to know how to choose the best locksmith for all of your locks, keys, and security needs. You want a professional locksmith who is trusted and knowledgeable. Whether you need them to help install mechanical locks or more technologically state-of-the-art electronic digital control systems, professionalism is a must.

Locksmith Availability and Services

Look for a locksmith who will come to you 24 hours a day to get you back inside quickly when you are locked out, a professional who can re-key your existing locks or to install new locks, safes, and keyless security systems.

The first question you need to ask is what type of locksmith services the company specializes in to make sure they handle what you need. Some of the services a professional locksmith may offer include:

  • Locksmiths provide traditional mechanical locks and keys services and most also offer electronic locks in homes, offices, and automobiles as well as commercial properties services.
  • A skilled locksmith will be able to repair, replace, or repair locks.
  • Find a locksmith when you need a key duplicated or an electronic key programmed.
  • Make sure you find a locksmith who is able to respond to emergency calls when you need it most.


Locksmith professionalism and certifications

Be sure to inquire about certifications, accreditations, license, and insurance. Some states require that professional locksmiths retain a license. Other states do not have specific standards in place. Also, find out whether or not insurance will cover the locksmith services. Your homeowners or car insurance may cover the cost of repairing or installing locks or for an emergency lockout service. If the services are not covered by your insurance in full, it may be partially covered. Or, your insurance company or homeowners or automobile association may be able to provide you with a list of providers that will charge you a discounted rate.

If you are working with electronic or keyless entries, ask if the installer has a basic understanding of electric and computer networking. A knowledgeable locksmith will be able to not only recommend the best electronic locks for your needs but also be able to install it properly and explain to you how to use it.

Compile a list of local locksmith professionals by asking friends and family members for recommendations and by conducting your own online search or thumbing through a phone book. Pay close attention especially to reviews from those you trust.

Ask for a price quote before any service is performed. Look the quote over to make sure you are not paying unnecessary fees. If you are in an emergency situation, pay the bill with a credit card which will allow you to later dispute the cost.

BEST Locksmith Chandler AZRelax, and choose a professional locksmith you can trust. Chandler Locksmith 24 is here to serve you in Chandler Arizona when you need the best locksmith for all of your locks, keys, and security needs for your home, car, office, or business. Feel free to contact us 24/7 with any question.

Chain Lock

Chain Lock

Door Chain Lock

When you think of security, the first thing that comes to mind is probably locks. One such lock is a door chain lock. What is a door chain lock, how effective are they, and what are the down sides?


What is a door chain lock?

Often found on hotel or apartment doors as well, a door chain lock is sometimes referred to as a security chain or a security door chain. All are essentially the same thing that consists of a small chain attached to the door frame which attaches to a track on the door. Usually, a chain lock is used in conjunction with other types of locks to add security but not typically to be the sole lock on the door.


Door chain locks are usually intended to be used for the person inside to be able to open the door slightly without completely unlocking the door. It keeps the person outside while still being able to communicate or slip small objects through. They are also used as an added measure of security. If someone manages to bump, pick, or break one lock, the chain lock serves as an extra layer of protection from break-ins.


How effective are door chain locks?

A door chain lock is fairly easy to install and to use. It provides some amount of security. If it is properly installed, a typical door chain lock can usually resist tampering from the outside until physical force is used to break the mounts. A knowledgeable burglar can easily break a door chain lock with tools as common as an envelope, a rubber band, or thread.


What are the down sides to door chain locks?

Door chain locks typically come with very short screws that can easily be pulled out with force. The tracks for a chain lock are usually straight, so it doesn’t take very sophisticated tools to separate the chain from the track. They also require a certain amount of dexterity to use, so people with shaky hands due to age or disability will find them difficult to use. On top of all of this, door chain locks are often installed improperly making them easier to break.

Door Chain Locks, Door Guard Lock

While chain locks are still used today because of their affordability and ease of installation, there are some more secure alternatives. Door bars, for instance, provide a similar benefit but provide you with a U-shaped bar that attaches to a hinge on the door frame and a knob on the door. The bar swing over the knob to restrict the full opening of the door. They are easier to use than chain locks and are generally sturdier and more difficult to break, though they are still far from top-notch security when it comes to locks. If you are wanting a chain lock for the purpose of not opening the door fully when someone knocks, consider a peephole that provides you with the ability to see who is at your door before opening while keeping the door completely shut and locked.

Contact a professional locksmith to discuss about your door security options.

Mobile Locksmith Chandler AZ

Mobile Locksmith Chandler AZ

Mobile Locksmith Chandler AZ Service

When you are locked out of your home, or car or facing any number of other lock emergencies, a mobile locksmith Chandler AZ services comes to you whenever you call. They are there, ready to take your call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on holidays. We understand emergencies and are ready to come rescue you.

Broken keys, lost keys, needing to have an immediate locks change or re-keying done after a break in, even in the middle of the night, are just a handful of the emergency situations that a mobile locksmith Chandler AZ service handles every day. In a crisis situation, a local and mobile locksmith is never too far away to show up in a matter of minutes and help you out of a worrisome situation.

Mobile Locksmith Chandler AZ


While emergency locksmith situations is the number one reason to call a local, mobile locksmith who will show up, equipped with the proper tools, to help in no time; these locksmiths who come to you also offer a convenient solution to any locks and key needs. Don’t even think of taking a door off of its hinges or having your car towed to a dealership to handle a lock or key issue. Simply call upon the help of a team of professionals who come to you, whether you set an appointment at a time that’s convenient to you, or you need the help of a mobile locksmith Chandler service in the middle of a stressful situation.


Local Mobile Locksmiths

While some national locksmith companies advertise that they offer local, mobile assistance, pay close attention to finding one who is truly located within miles or blocks of where you live. Sometimes national companies will present themselves as being local, even down to providing a local area code or phone number. However, when you really need them, your call will be directed to a national call center, and a subcontracted locksmith who may not be fully prepared will show up, often causing more damage than good. Don’t waste your time, instead find a mobile locksmith who is local locksmith and will arrive quickly equipped and trained, ready to work.


Find a Mobile Locksmith Chandler AZ Service you Trust Before you Need Them

Do your research before you need emergency assistance, and then keep the number of a mobile locksmith on hand. When you have lost your keys, or are locked out of your home or office, you will know what to do. Don’t panic! Simply, call a trusted mobile locksmith service to get you out of danger and back on course with your day.


Mobile Locksmith Chandler AZ Services

Mobile Locksmith Chandler AZ Service professionals are staffed and ready to arrive at your location, typically in less than 30 minutes. These mobile technicians come ready to tackle your specific job, so there is no waiting on parts or tools to arrive to finish the work. They know how to work quickly and efficiently without charging you a fortune for the added convenience of working around your needs on location.

Call a local, mobile locksmith Chandler AZ today so when the time comes that you are in need of emergency services, you will know who to call.

Mailbox Lock

Mailbox Locksmith

Mailbox Locksmith Service Chandler AZ

Before anyone can understand what a mailbox lock change service is, and why or when it is necessary, it is important to know why a mailbox would have a lock in the first place. These locked mailbox are usually located in private, gated neighborhoods with community mailboxes in one central location, apartment complexes or condominiums. It is a convenient way for the postal worker to deliver all of the mail for the large complexes to one central location.

While it would be even easier for the mail carrier to just plop one huge bundle of mail down at the front desk of a housing complex and have all of the individual residents rummage through it all to pull out their individual pieces of mail, this is not what happens. Instead, mail is delivered to the designated area, but within that area are several mailboxes where the mail is sorted and placed. When you live in a home that has a central mail location, you are assigned an individual box where you receive the mail intended for you.

Why Are The Mailboxes Locked?

Because your mailbox is one among many in the same block of mailboxes, your assigned mail box has a lock that is opened only by your assigned key. Your mail remains safely under lock and key inside your mail box until you retrieve it. If it weren’t under lock and key, it would be accessible by anyone who happens by.

Your mail box and the lock attached to the mail box are assigned to you specifically, but unless you are the first person to live in your apartment, condo or home with a community mail box system in place, that key has been assigned previously to the former occupants. For this reason, it is important to always get a mail box locks change whenever you move into a place with a community mail box.

Changing the Mail Box Lock

Sometimes these community mailbox systems are referred to as cluster box locks. All or most of the locks are generally the same style of lock, which is fairly basic cut key style with a round lock component held into place with a clamp bar on the inside door of the mailbox. These are not extremely difficult to replace if you know what you are doing. For a skilled locksmith, the mailbox locks change can be performed in a matter of minutes.Mailbox Locksmith

There are a few other reasons for a mailbox lock change:

Lost Mail Box Keys

Lost keys is a very common reason for getting a lock changed. Sometimes, locks can instead be rekeyed which leaves the hardware in place and changes out the locking mechanisms and type of key that is used. However, for complete peace of mind, it’s a better idea to go ahead and change out the locks entirely. When you go to get your mail and cannot find your keys, or if you are unsure whether or not they are in the hands of a stranger or would-be mail thief, it is a good time for a mail box locks change. Rest easy knowing that your mail is safe and sound under lock and key.

Broken Locks or Mailbox Lock Not Working

Community mailboxes are often out in the weather. They sit out in the sun, heat, cold, snow, ice, and rain. Eventually, the locks become rusty or begin to show wear. This is a great time to get a mailbox locks change to make sure the lock and key work well so you are never locked out of getting your mail.

What Will a Locksmith Do When I Ask For A Mailbox Lock Replacement?

It’s important to realize that a mail box is not just another box or case that has a lock on it. It is the property of the United States Postal Service and is protected under Federal Law. Only a select individuals are allowed access to tampering with the mailbox. As the assigned owner of the mailbox, you can change the locks on your own box, the Home Owners Association or condominium or apartment complex owner may change the locks, and a qualified professional locksmith is allowed access to change the locks on these community mailboxes if you or the Home Owners Association has given consent for the mailbox lock replace.

What To Expect When The Locksmith Arrives To Change Your Mailbox Lock

When the locksmith shows up to change your mailbox locks, you will need to be prepared to show proof of residence and identification that proves you are who you say you are and that you have the proper authority to access the mailbox locks. Since the lock is attached to a piece of property that is serviced by the U.S. Postal Service, not just anyone can legally mess with the locks. This is designed this way to give you peace of mind that your personal mail is only handled by an authorized postal worker and is only seen and opened by you. Once you have shown proper ID, the professional locksmith will be able to get to work to provide you with a new lock and key to your mail box.

Chandler Locksmith 24 Provide Mailbox Lock Locksmith Service in and around Chandler AZ. Our mailbox lock replacement team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offer quick, professional, and affordable mailbox lock and key service. For more information and for any question or request from our mailbox locksmith call: (480) 621-3950

Chandler Lockout Service

Chandler Lockout Service

Lockout Service for Car, Home, Business, Storage, and etc.

A lockout in general seems like a crisis when it happens to you. Whether you are stranded somewhere next to your vehicle because you’ve locked your keys inside, trying to gain access to your office, or standing in front of your house unable to get inside, it’s never at a convenient time. There are other possible lockout situations as well, such as trying to get into your locked storage unit but unable to find the key. While professional locksmiths handle a wide variety of lock and security issues, being locked out of your car, home, office, business, or storage units is quite possibly the number one reason people call a locksmith for Chandler lockout service.

When you find yourself in the middle of a lockout emergency, a reliable mobile locksmith is trained provide a Chandler lockout service and ready to come to you right away to help get you back inside where you belong. These are some of the top lockout scenarios that trusted locksmiths with know-how encounter frequently, ways to avoid them and what to do if you find yourself locked out.Chandler Lockout Service

Car Lockout

Standing there knowing that you just locked your keys inside your car, or you cannot get into your car because you have lost your keys leaves you in a car lockout situation. It’s usually an emergency, especially if your key is locked inside with the engine running, kids or pets are trapped inside, or your key has broken off in the door or ignition. Other times, it’s simply an annoyance and an inconvenience.

Of course, you can try to gain access yourself, but this quite often wastes precious time and leaves the car door and lock damaged with a repair bill that your insurance company won’t cover since you purposely caused the damage. In the long run, calling a locksmith is usually your best bet. Regardless of how you got into the situation, professional car locksmiths are here to help you out. They handle car lockouts on a daily basis and show up quickly knowing what to do to get you back inside your vehicle and on the road again to a better day without leaving damage to your car. Have a trusted locksmith’s number on hand before you need it; so when the day comes that you find yourself locked out of your car, you will know who to call immediately for Chandler lockout service.

Home Lockout

Maybe you’ve lost your keys, or you went outside for a couple of minutes only to turn around and find your child followed closely behind and shut the door behind you both. It happens more often than you might think.

Locksmiths understand the urgency and need for you to get back inside. Before you try to pick the lock, take the door off of its hinges, or break in through a window, take a deep breath and find a way to contact a local Chandler lockout service provider who will be there in a hurry.

Business Lockout

In similar situations to how car or home lockouts occur, another common type of lockout is a business lockout. Maybe you lost your master key or electronic access card. Maybe, the lock has worn out or isn’t functioning properly. Regardless, that lock and your lost or useless key is the only thing standing between you getting some work done. If your company has a commercial locksmith on call or on staff, he or she is the one to call. If not, a nearby professional locksmith will be able to help in any Chandler lockout service, provided you have the proper ID available to prove you are not actually trying to break and enter a place of business.

Storage, Padlock, or Cabinet Lockout

Some lockouts are not ones that the typical person thinks about on a daily basis. However, anytime you have a lock, you have the potential of being locked out. Maybe you’ve locked up your home business or office files. Maybe you have valuables in a cabinet that are protected by a cabinet lock, Maybe it’s a safe, or a padlock. Regardless, the same steps are taken to get it unlocked as with other types of lockouts.

Preventing A Lockout in General

Preventing an emergency is the best way of handling it. Though, not always fail-proof, some helpful tips to avoid a lockout in the first place include suggestions such as leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor, friend, or relative. Alternatively, hiding a spare key in a location other than the proverbial “there’s a spare key under the welcome mat” scenario. Likewise, don’t fall for the fake rock or log with hidden compartment trick either.

Chandler Lockout ServiceThe best place to hide a spare key is in an unsuspecting location. Tuck it into a waterproof, seal-tight container and bury it out of sight or tucked underneath wooden rafters of a deck or some other unsuspecting spot. For a vehicle key, sometimes magnetic key storage containers work well. Though, they also increase the chance a would-be thief will spot it and use it.

The better option for a car key is to keep a spare in your wallet, with a trusted friend who is willing to show up in an emergency, or keep a spare at home. Some people wear spare keys as part of their jewelry. Of course, if the key is electronic, it makes keeping or hiding a spare a bit more challenging with added expense of programming a spare just to have on hand.

Obviously, if the reason you are locked out is not because of a lost key but rather due to a broken lock or a key that broke off inside a lock, having an extra key won’t help. Avoid damaged locks and keys by making sure you keep them properly maintained, cleaned and lubricated often.

What To Expect When The Lockout Service Locksmith Shows Up To Help

When the locksmith shows up to help with a lockout in general, be prepared to show proof of identity and that you own the vehicle, live at the residence or conduct business at the location you are attempting to gain access to. Once verified that you are who you say you are, they will be able to help unlock the problem and get you back inside. Our Chandler locksmith team available 24/7, and can help you with any lockout situation. 

Office Lockout

Office Lockout Service

Office Lockout | Commercial Properties Lockouts

Finding yourself locked out of your place of business arises specific concerns that are separate from being locked out of your car, house, or apartment. It’s not just assumed that you have locked your keys inside, lost them, or left them behind at home. An office is where business is conducted, so there is most likely some very valuable items inside that are intended to keep the business operating. There are also safety concerns involved for both you and the protection of the office you are trying to enter. After all, the office may have more than a mere lock and key system. It may be wired with security cameras, alarms, key-less entry codes, or a master key locking system, not to mention that trying to get inside could also land you in jail with an attempted breaking and entry charge. All of these locking and security systems were put in place to keep would-be crooks out, so it’s not going to be an easy entry situation.

Because of workplace violence, volatile emotions upon employees getting fired or other work grievances, the first concern in an office lockout is to make sure that you are who you say you are and are part of the business owner or workforce that has access to the office building. Of course, another concern is that you could be a burglar attempting to gain entrance to a company where you could then gain easier access to their equipment, office machines, computers, safes, and other important documents.

Office Lockout Chandler AZ

Office Lockout Service

For these reasons, when a locksmith shows up at an office lockout, the first thing you will need to be prepared to show is proof of who you say you are as well as proof of current employment or business ownership. If you are not the owner of the company, this may entail contacting the business owner to verify that it’s OK to let you inside.

No doubt, this is an embarrassing predicament to find yourself in, but if you are not the business owner, the first person to call will be a fellow work mate who can help or go straight to the top by contacting your manager who will verify that you have rights to access the office or may be able to show up with the key or key-less digital locking system code you need to get inside. If you are the business owner, as humbling as it will be, you may be able to gain entrance by contacting another employee for help.

Another obstacle of an office lockout may be gaining access through high security locking systems, high-tech alarms, or using a master key. These are all concerns that are usually specific to a work place and often require a specialized commercial locksmith. If your company has a commercial locksmith whom they rely on for their lock and security needs this is the one to contact.

When you are in need of help, standing outside your business in an office lockout situation, contact a locksmith who can help with commercial and business needs.

Broken Key Extraction

Broken Key Extraction

Broken Key Extraction

Oh, that agonizing snap of metal, and you know immediately that your car or house key has just broken off and become lodged inside the keyhole. Over time, locks wear out. When this happens, putting any amount of pressure onto the key to turn it is all it takes to break it off. Now, you’re left with a broken key and a lock that cannot be used because a key is jammed inside. Worse yet, if the key is broken off into the lock, it is possible for a crook to get it to turn and gain access to your home or car. You can go the Do-It-Yourself route, or you can save a bunch of time and effort by just calling a locksmith now.Key Extraction

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, it’s a good idea to every so often look over your keys before inserting them into the locks to make sure they are strong enough for use. If you park your car outside during winter months, never force a key into a frozen lock. Another precaution is to lubricate your locks often.

Lock lubricate and maintenance 

The concept of extracting a jammed key is fairly simple but it does take some know-how and skill. If you choose to first go the Do-It-Yourself route, spray the lock with WD40 or Pam spray lubricant to ease the jammed key out of the lock. Another step to try is to place a piece of a saw blade into the key hole very carefully so as not to damage the lock, the door or yourself. Once the broken off jammed key is loosened, grab the key shaft tightly until it is pried loose. Grab a hold of the key shaft by turning. Once you see that you’ve got a grip on the key, try to release the shaft from the lock as much as you can to extract it with a pair of tweezers or nail clippers.

Once the key is dislodged, hang onto the two pieces so a professional locksmith will be able to make a new key replacement. In the end, if your DIY attempts don’t work, or if you just want to save yourself the time and headache of attempting to extract the key yourself, call a locksmith Chandler. If you don’t feel comfortable attempting a broken key extraction yourself, it’s time to call in a locksmith. A qualified and experienced locksmith Chandler is able to show up and get you and your key out of a jam in no time at all.

When all else fails, or to save yourself the headache, call a locksmith for your broken key extraction needs.