Chandler Lockout Service

Chandler Lockout Service

Lockout Service for Car, Home, Business, Storage, and etc.

A lockout in general seems like a crisis when it happens to you. Whether you are stranded somewhere next to your vehicle because you’ve locked your keys inside, trying to gain access to your office, or standing in front of your house unable to get inside, it’s never at a convenient time. There are other possible lockout situations as well, such as trying to get into your locked storage unit but unable to find the key. While professional locksmiths handle a wide variety of lock and security issues, being locked out of your car, home, office, business, or storage units is quite possibly the number one reason people call a locksmith for Chandler lockout service.

When you find yourself in the middle of a lockout emergency, a reliable mobile locksmith is trained provide a Chandler lockout service and ready to come to you right away to help get you back inside where you belong. These are some of the top lockout scenarios that trusted locksmiths with know-how encounter frequently, ways to avoid them and what to do if you find yourself locked out.Chandler Lockout Service

Car Lockout

Standing there knowing that you just locked your keys inside your car, or you cannot get into your car because you have lost your keys leaves you in a car lockout situation. It’s usually an emergency, especially if your key is locked inside with the engine running, kids or pets are trapped inside, or your key has broken off in the door or ignition. Other times, it’s simply an annoyance and an inconvenience.

Of course, you can try to gain access yourself, but this quite often wastes precious time and leaves the car door and lock damaged with a repair bill that your insurance company won’t cover since you purposely caused the damage. In the long run, calling a locksmith is usually your best bet. Regardless of how you got into the situation, professional car locksmiths are here to help you out. They handle car lockouts on a daily basis and show up quickly knowing what to do to get you back inside your vehicle and on the road again to a better day without leaving damage to your car. Have a trusted locksmith’s number on hand before you need it; so when the day comes that you find yourself locked out of your car, you will know who to call immediately for Chandler lockout service.

Home Lockout

Maybe you’ve lost your keys, or you went outside for a couple of minutes only to turn around and find your child followed closely behind and shut the door behind you both. It happens more often than you might think.

Locksmiths understand the urgency and need for you to get back inside. Before you try to pick the lock, take the door off of its hinges, or break in through a window, take a deep breath and find a way to contact a local Chandler lockout service provider who will be there in a hurry.

Business Lockout

In similar situations to how car or home lockouts occur, another common type of lockout is a business lockout. Maybe you lost your master key or electronic access card. Maybe, the lock has worn out or isn’t functioning properly. Regardless, that lock and your lost or useless key is the only thing standing between you getting some work done. If your company has a commercial locksmith on call or on staff, he or she is the one to call. If not, a nearby professional locksmith will be able to help in any Chandler lockout service, provided you have the proper ID available to prove you are not actually trying to break and enter a place of business.

Storage, Padlock, or Cabinet Lockout

Some lockouts are not ones that the typical person thinks about on a daily basis. However, anytime you have a lock, you have the potential of being locked out. Maybe you’ve locked up your home business or office files. Maybe you have valuables in a cabinet that are protected by a cabinet lock, Maybe it’s a safe, or a padlock. Regardless, the same steps are taken to get it unlocked as with other types of lockouts.

Preventing A Lockout in General

Preventing an emergency is the best way of handling it. Though, not always fail-proof, some helpful tips to avoid a lockout in the first place include suggestions such as leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor, friend, or relative. Alternatively, hiding a spare key in a location other than the proverbial “there’s a spare key under the welcome mat” scenario. Likewise, don’t fall for the fake rock or log with hidden compartment trick either.

Chandler Lockout ServiceThe best place to hide a spare key is in an unsuspecting location. Tuck it into a waterproof, seal-tight container and bury it out of sight or tucked underneath wooden rafters of a deck or some other unsuspecting spot. For a vehicle key, sometimes magnetic key storage containers work well. Though, they also increase the chance a would-be thief will spot it and use it.

The better option for a car key is to keep a spare in your wallet, with a trusted friend who is willing to show up in an emergency, or keep a spare at home. Some people wear spare keys as part of their jewelry. Of course, if the key is electronic, it makes keeping or hiding a spare a bit more challenging with added expense of programming a spare just to have on hand.

Obviously, if the reason you are locked out is not because of a lost key but rather due to a broken lock or a key that broke off inside a lock, having an extra key won’t help. Avoid damaged locks and keys by making sure you keep them properly maintained, cleaned and lubricated often.

What To Expect When The Lockout Service Locksmith Shows Up To Help

When the locksmith shows up to help with a lockout in general, be prepared to show proof of identity and that you own the vehicle, live at the residence or conduct business at the location you are attempting to gain access to. Once verified that you are who you say you are, they will be able to help unlock the problem and get you back inside. Our Chandler locksmith team available 24/7, and can help you with any lockout situation. 

Office Lockout

Office Lockout Service

Office Lockout | Commercial Properties Lockouts

Finding yourself locked out of your place of business arises specific concerns that are separate from being locked out of your car, house, or apartment. It’s not just assumed that you have locked your keys inside, lost them, or left them behind at home. An office is where business is conducted, so there is most likely some very valuable items inside that are intended to keep the business operating. There are also safety concerns involved for both you and the protection of the office you are trying to enter. After all, the office may have more than a mere lock and key system. It may be wired with security cameras, alarms, key-less entry codes, or a master key locking system, not to mention that trying to get inside could also land you in jail with an attempted breaking and entry charge. All of these locking and security systems were put in place to keep would-be crooks out, so it’s not going to be an easy entry situation.

Because of workplace violence, volatile emotions upon employees getting fired or other work grievances, the first concern in an office lockout is to make sure that you are who you say you are and are part of the business owner or workforce that has access to the office building. Of course, another concern is that you could be a burglar attempting to gain entrance to a company where you could then gain easier access to their equipment, office machines, computers, safes, and other important documents.

Office Lockout Chandler AZ

Office Lockout Service

For these reasons, when a locksmith shows up at an office lockout, the first thing you will need to be prepared to show is proof of who you say you are as well as proof of current employment or business ownership. If you are not the owner of the company, this may entail contacting the business owner to verify that it’s OK to let you inside.

No doubt, this is an embarrassing predicament to find yourself in, but if you are not the business owner, the first person to call will be a fellow work mate who can help or go straight to the top by contacting your manager who will verify that you have rights to access the office or may be able to show up with the key or key-less digital locking system code you need to get inside. If you are the business owner, as humbling as it will be, you may be able to gain entrance by contacting another employee for help.

Another obstacle of an office lockout may be gaining access through high security locking systems, high-tech alarms, or using a master key. These are all concerns that are usually specific to a work place and often require a specialized commercial locksmith. If your company has a commercial locksmith whom they rely on for their lock and security needs this is the one to contact.

When you are in need of help, standing outside your business in an office lockout situation, contact a locksmith who can help with commercial and business needs.