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Before anyone can understand what a mailbox lock change service is, and why or when it is necessary, it is important to know why a mailbox would have a lock in the first place. These locked mailboxes are usually located in private, gated neighborhoods with community mailboxes in one central location, apartment complexes, or condominiums. It is a convenient way for the postal worker to deliver all of the mail for the large complexes to one central location.

While it would be even easier for the mail carrier to just plop one huge bundle of mail down at the front desk of a housing complex and have all of the individual residents rummage through it all to pull out their individual pieces of mail, this is not what happens. Instead, the mail is delivered to the designated area, but within that area are several mailboxes where the mail is sorted and placed. When you live in a home that has a central mail location, you are assigned an individual box where you receive the mail intended for you.

Why Are The Mailboxes Locked?

Because your mailbox is one among many in the same block of mailboxes, your assigned mailbox has a lock that is opened only by your assigned key. Your mail remains safely under lock and key inside your mailbox until you retrieve it. If it weren’t under lock and key, it would be accessible by anyone who happens by.

Your mailbox and the lock attached to the mailbox are assigned to you specifically, but unless you are the first person to live in your apartment, condo, or home with a community mailbox system in place, that key has been assigned previously to the former occupants. For this reason, it is important to always get a mailbox locks change whenever you move into a place with a community mailbox.

Changing the Mail Box Lock

Sometimes these community mailbox systems are referred to as cluster box locks. All or most of the locks are generally the same style of lock, which is fairly basic cut key style with a round lock component held into place with a clamp bar on the inside door of the mailbox. These are not extremely difficult to replace if you know what you are doing. For a skilled locksmith, the mailbox locks change can be performed in a matter of minutes.Mailbox Locksmith

There are a few other reasons for a mailbox lock change:

Lost Mail Box Keys

Lost keys are a very common reason for getting a lock changed. Sometimes, locks can instead be rekeyed which leaves the hardware in place and changes out the locking mechanisms and type of key that is used. However, for complete peace of mind, it’s a better idea to go ahead and change out the locks entirely. When you go to get your mail and cannot find your keys, or if you are unsure whether or not they are in the hands of a stranger or would-be mail thief, it is a good time for a mailbox locks change. Rest easy knowing that your mail is safe and sound under lock and key.

Broken Locks or Mailbox Lock Not Working

Community mailboxes are often out in the weather. They sit out in the sun, heat, cold, snow, ice, and rain. Eventually, the locks become rusty or begin to show wear. This is a great time to get a mailbox locks change to make sure the lock and key work well so you are never locked out of getting your mail.

What Will a Locksmith Do When I Ask For A Mailbox Lock Replacement?

It’s important to realize that a mailbox is not just another box or case that has a lock on it. It is the property of the United States Postal Service and is protected under Federal Law. Only select individuals are allowed access to tampering with the mailbox. As the assigned owner of the mailbox, you can change the locks on your own box, the Home Owners Association or condominium or apartment complex owner may change the locks, and a qualified professional locksmith is allowed access to change the locks on these community mailboxes if you or the Home Owners Association has given consent for the mailbox lock replace.

What To Expect When The Locksmith Arrives To Change Your Mailbox Lock

When the locksmith shows up to change your mailbox locks, you will need to be prepared to show proof of residence and identification that proves you are who you say you are and that you have the proper authority to access the mailbox locks. Since the lock is attached to a piece of property that is serviced by the U.S. Postal Service, not just anyone can legally mess with the locks. This is designed this way to give you peace of mind that your personal mail is only handled by an authorized postal worker and is only seen and opened by you. Once you have shown proper ID, the professional locksmith will be able to get to work to provide you with a new lock and key to your mailbox.

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